7 months ago

Keep Your Mouth Healthy With These Oral Hygiene Tips

It is important to take good care of your teeth, but most people do not want to spend much time brushing or flossing. Luckily, there are quick, easy things you can do to care for your teeth. Continue reading to learn some helpful advice that will read more...

7 months ago

NBA Finals: Cavaliers Fan Hit by Steph Curry's Mouthguard Speaks Out

Last night in Game 6 of the NBA Finals, Golden State Warriors MVP Stephen Curry fouled out in the fourth quarter and showed his frustration by throwing his mouthguard toward the stands.

The mouthguard ended up hitting Andrew Forbes, the son read more...

8 months ago

What Are The Causes Of Tooth Pain After Filling?

A dental filling, also known as a "dental restoration", is used to fill in carious lesions--holes in the teeth caused by cavities or tooth decays. There are many dental restorative materials, including but not limited to dental porcelain, glass io read more...

8 months ago

Protecting Your Teeth with Dental Sealants by Meredi Wagner-Hoehn

Because our teeth are at their most vulnerable during childhood, children and teenagers can benefit greatly from extra protection against the build up of bacteria and plaque. Sealants are a widely used, accepted, and worthwhile preventive dentistr read more...

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The Highest Paid Dentists and Dental Specialists in America


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Information About the Human Tooth Anatomy With Labeled Diagrams

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Pain After Root Canal Treatment

Pain after root canal